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Latin America & the Caribbean

Discrimination and participation of women

in Latin America and the Caribbean

In September 2022 we started, next to 

Shared Knowledge Centerof CELAM a new project to listen to experiences of discrimination and participation of women in society and in the Church and also proposals to achieve greater participation and generate synergy.

Formation of Communion
Weavers for Latin America
and the Caribbean

Thanks to the Pontifical Commission for

Latin America (PCAL) we seek to bring together

women who share the passion of Pope Francis to contribute to human fraternity and that they become weavers of communion, capable of to listen and be the voice of the women of their communities, in order to generate bonds that build social friendship on this continent (FT 94).

Impact of Covid-19 on women in Latin America and the Caribbean

Voices and testimonies of Latin American

women who give visibility to their experiences of

pain and discrimination, as well as strength and resilience during the pandemic.

In 2021 we carried out the first project of the Global Women's Observatory, together with the Shared Knowledge Center of the Latin American Episcopal Council (CELAM), to learn how Covid-19 had impacted women in Latin America and the Caribbean, especially the most vulnerable women.

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