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Meeting with the Hilton Foundation to evaluate the progress of the project in Africa

21 March 2023

On 21 March, we held a working meeting, at the headquarters of the World Union of Catholic Women's Organisations (WUCWO), with the Hilton Foundation, partner of the first project in Africa of the World Women´s Observatory (WWO). The objective was to talk about the progress of the work that we have been developing since November 2022 in the neighboring continent, in relation to violence and discrimination against women.

They were there: Mr Jane Wakahiu, who leads and directs the operational budget, contracts, consultant management and policy implementation of the Hilton Foundation Programme Department; Marc Holley, Vice President of Strategies and Programs of the Hilton Foundation; María Lía Zervino, President of WUCWO with her team and Lía Beltrami, President of the production house Aurora Vision, with members of its staff.

At first, the leaders of the Hilton Foundation talked about their goals and priorities in the medium term. As well as of their way of working, they always accompany their partners to achieve, monitor and measure changes together.

The WWO then presented progress in relation to the listening of 106 African women experts from 34 countries and the poll answered by more than 9,300 women from 36 countries. In addition both shared the steps to be followed regarding the formation and setup of the network in Africa. Finally, Lía Beltrami, who presented the preview of the documentary, whose objective is to continue raising awareness in the fight against violence and discrimination against women.


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